Ariana Manuel

I am Ariana Manuel. I brought beauty into the Belleville area for the past 17 years. Now I am excited to bring it back home to Y-Town! Being a little more economically and eco friendly, I can literally ride my bike to work.

I have always had a clear view on the endless possibilities in creating a new look. I don’t have a type and neither does my talents, so no reflections, I am up for a challenge if you have one! I say “Bring it!” Not one person leaves my chair looking like their neighbor! Unless of coarse that’s something you want.


- Acer metical hair cuts
- Corrective color
- Hair color
- Hi-lites and or low-lites
- Creative styling
- Extensions
Trish McDowell

Trish has been a stylist in the Ypsilanti area for over 20 years.
Nicki Smith

Nicki is our office manager and bookkeeper.
Dorothy Keskitalo

Dorthy is our licensed massage therapist. She is trained in Reiki, Deep Tissue and Swedish techniques.
Please see the Services page for details. By appointment only.
Brianna Vago

“I am a hair stylist of 6 years. I excel at a lot of things but color is my pride and joy. My goal is be as organic and low chemical as possible. I am an animal lover, an artist and a reader. If you want to look and feel great, I’m your gal! Please book an appointment with me today.